LSD therapy

LSD therapy with a legal analogue

LSD is the most powerful psychedelic on earth and can cause a strong trip. However, LSD is illegal, but we can use a legal alternative called the LSD analogue. This analog is only converted to LSD after ingestion and then works the same as regular LSD. LSD therapy is done less often than psilocybin therapy because the effects are longer lasting. A first psychedelic session with psilocybin is then a good test of whether the psychedelic sessions work out well. During LSD sessions, patients are usually encouraged to explore and process their thoughts and feelings by letting them run wild. LSD sessions are typically used for the following situations:

  1. Anxiety disorders: LSD therapy can be used in the treatment of anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It can help reduce anxiety and improve communication and connection with others.
  2. Depression: LSD therapy can be used in the treatment of depression, especially when combined with psychotherapy. It can help improve mood and reduce depressive symptoms.
  3. Cluster headaches: LSD therapy can be used in the treatment of cluster headaches, a rare condition that causes intense headaches. In some cases, LSD may be effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of cluster headaches.
  4. Creativity: LSD therapy can be used to promote creativity and remove blocks that hinder creative expression. Some artists and writers have used LSD to enhance their creativity.

A LSD session lasts a long time

LSD therapy will certainly take you a day’s time. The guided trip lasts between 6-10 hours and even after that the effects are still mild. Of course this varies from person to person and we always make sure you get the attention you need.

Duration of LSD trip

LSD therapy is not for everyone

We are happy to help you if you want to use the benefits of LSD during therapy. However, there are a number of contraindications for LSD. We cannot do an LSD session with you if you:

  • taking lithium medication
  • taking tramadol
  • are taking MAO inhibitors, SSRIs, antidepressants or antipsychotics
  • Has an increased risk of psychosis
  • Are prone to paranoia
  • Are prone to suspicion
  • Suffer from high blood pressure or heart problems
  • Are younger than 23 years old
  • are pregnant
  • Has a (medium) severe form of PTSD

Reservation of LSD therapy

Before you can book an LSD session, the intake must first be completed and this is done at our partner Triptherapy. After completing the intake, it is assessed whether an LSD session can be done in a safe way and what kind of preparation could help to maximize the results. Use the links below to continue.

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