MDMA ceremony

The MDMA ceremony explained

During an MDMA ceremony, the participants take MDMA (analogue) while being helped with personal goals by the guidance present. These MDMA ceremonies start with conversations and eventually progress to listening to specially selected music to get closer to the feeling. This creates an alternation of spoken parts and parts where there is no speaking. You experience an MDMA ceremony partly as a group and partly as an individual. People who come to these MDMA ceremonies generally often deal with trauma and PTSD and seek help in processing the past. The alternation of the emotional music and the emotions that come with it can help you let go of what no longer serves you.

What we find important in MDMA ceremonies

We think safety is the most important and in second place the results that come from the MDMA ceremony. Thirdly, we want everyone to also experience a great experience, where you also feel heard if necessary. We show you how we ensure that the above matters are reflected here by indicating what we think is important:

  1. Safety : Although the MDMA variants are widely used and safe for many people, dangerous combinations are possible with a number of medicines. Some conditions can also not be combined with MDMA. We screen our participants through an intake to prevent dangerous interactions.
  2. Health : We also use the intake to see where there is still room to live a healthier life. We make personal advice to stimulate physical health.
  3. Neurochemistry : The neurotransmitters in the brain determine the state of mind, but also how well a psychedelic trip goes. Our personal advice also includes tips to balance neurochemistry.
  4. Preparation : Finally, based on the intake, we give some homework, such as reading books or watching movies. The information that you store consciously or unconsciously can revive during the MDMA ceremony and grow into a new insight or solution.
  5. Theme ceremony : We give each MDMA ceremony a general theme that you can use in your own way. The theme of the ceremony also gives room to talk to each other during the meeting phase and introductory conversation on the day of the ceremony.
  6. Group size : We think it is important that the group is neither too big nor too small. We achieve the best results with groups of 2-4 participants because there is a group feeling, but there is also a lot of personal attention.
  7. Personal space : At the locations where we organize the truffle ceremonies, we always have a shared space for the group, but we also arrange it in such a way that if you need your own place, you can retreat to your own space.
  8. Guidance : Experienced guidance gives peace of mind. We always ensure that there is always at least one supervisor with at least two years of experience. We also apply the rule that at least one supervisor per 2 participants must be present at MDMA ceremonies. This way everyone can get the right attention.
  9. Music : The music can take you to the emotions you need to let things go and grow. We take great care of the playlist. We have multiple playlists and we choose them based on the needs of the participants.
  10. Introspection : Also during the MDMA ceremonies for groups, the intention is to turn inward and make your own journey during the peak phase of the effects of MDMA. This introspection is the most important part of the ceremony and we take on average between 2 and 3 hours for this.
  11. Food and drinks : The food we provide after the ceremony must match what we want to radiate, namely natural and healthy. With the healthy food we want to let you taste that good taste and health can go together and inspire you to continue with this yourself.
  12. Integration : We have room for discussion immediately after the ceremony, but also by telephone days after the ceremony. We think along with how you can integrate the insights of your ceremony into daily life.

Do you want to participate in an MDMA ceremony?

Our sister website processes the intakes and requests. You can also see via when there is availabilityand where the ceremonies are organized. Use the links below to register, make a reservation or ask your questions.

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