Psychedelic Retreat Ceremony

Psychedelic ceremony in the Netherlands

Psilocybin, a psychoactive substance found in magic truffles, has been categorized as a low-risk, non-addictive substance according to scientific research. The Netherlands, with a tradition of individual autonomy concerning drug-usage and personal wellbeing, permits the use and possession of magic truffles. Individuals have utilized magic truffles during psychedelic retreat ceremonies, as they possess significant psychedelic properties capable of inducing altered states of consciousness. This can enable people to probe their inner selves, obtain fresh perspectives concerning their lives, and ultimately achieve personal expansion and recovery.

What are we offering?

Besides the magic truffle retreat ceremonies we offer a variant of the psilocybin truffle ceremony we call psiloflora ceremonie. It’s a combination of psilocybin magic truffles and passionflower, that some people call psilohuasca. Another option is the MDMA ceremony.

Magic truffle ceremony

The psilocybin magic truffle ceremony are the most chosen option in The Netherlands. It’s a legal way to experience a psychedelic retreat and is one of the safest psychedelic experiences.

Psiloflora ceremony

The psiloflora ceremony has all the benefits of the psilocybin ceremony plus the effects of the psilocybin endures a bit longer and stronger. Psiloflora is also more calming and relaxed than magic truffles on itself.

MDMA ceremony

MDMA ceremonies are a good way to overcome social anxiety and to work on trauma related anxiety. With a small group and experienced facilitators you can dive into this beautiful ceremony with immersive music.

Private psychedelic retreats

Besides the psychedelic retreat ceremonies we also offer individual psychedelic sessions for those who like to have more space and attention for themselves. You can choose to do a LSD, MDMA, psilocybin or psiloflora session with us. More information: