Psilocybin and antidepressants

The old advice about combining psilocybin with antidepressants

In general, the combination of psychedelics such as psilocybin, MDMA and LSD with psychoactive medications is not recommended. In some cases the combination can be bad for your health and in other cases it is out of precaution. While completing the intake through our site came across this message:

Notice! Please complete the form below if you do not have any of the following contraindications.

– Pregnancy
– Schizophrenia
– Borderline
– Psychosis susceptibility (or past history of psychosis)
– Severe Blood pressure/heart problems
– Brain hemorrhages

Furthermore, the following medications cannot be combined with psychedelics:

SSRI, SNRI, TCA and MAO inhibitors (serotonergic medication)
– Lithium
– Benzodiazepines (Valium, Oxazepam, XANAX e.d.)
– Heart and blood pressure medication
– Opoids (tramadol, morphine and codeine)

* Never just stop your medication but consult with the doctor
prescribing it. In some cases, you can wean off and then two weeks after weaning you can still fill out the form and start your course.

According to the chart below, we previously advised against the combination of SSRI and psilocybin because it would reduce the effect and the outcomes would become unpredictable.

Psilocybin i.c.w. SSRI has a reducing effect

SSRI and psilocybin

New studies now show that combining SSRI’s (and SNRI’s) and psilocybin can be done safely. From the schematic results you can see that there is not so much difference between Placebo with psilocybin and Escitalopram with psilocybin. In general, you can say that there is just more effect when no SSRI is used and that the effect of psilocybin also starts earlier without SSRI. Furthermore, there is no difference in the increase of BDNF, the neurotrophin that causes neuroplasiticity. The flattening of emotions by the SSRI may also cause negative and positive feelings to be experienced less strongly, which can be an advantage and disadvantage.

Read the full study here

No more tapering down your SSRI before a psychedelic session?

The need for SSRI tapering is not really there. In the past, we have helped a lot of individuals after they went off the SSRI. A large number of these individuals stopped taking the medication after the session, and we think that is better than continuing with the medication. So from now on, you may choose whether to continue taking SSRI or take advantage of the psychedelic session to try to live medication-free. If you want to phase out the medication, ask your treating physician how best to phase it out in your case. So as of June 2022, we are also admitting people who continue SSRI use.

The different ways SSRI and psychedelics work through the serotonin receptors.

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